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Tom Smithers Skate Parks

Design your own:

Tom Smithers Skate Parks has called upon the advice of top skaters to help design parks, bowls and ramps that people will enjoy for many years. If you have a design in mind or if you have seen a design that you would like to use, fax or email Tom Smithers Skate Parks with the plan. Anything is possible!

Here are just some of our happy customers:

New Plymouth District Council, South Tarananki District Council, Opunake Community Council, Opunake High School, Feilding District Council, Patea Community Council, Taupo District Council, Ruapehu District Council, Stratford District Council, Waiouru Military Camp.


All Designs have the input of top skaters so that radii, curves, positioning or rails and coping are combined to give skaters the best possible ride.


Surfaces on all facilities are made as smooth as possible, which means that wheels grip but skaters slide when they fall causing less injury. Ramps use 1mm or 2mm galvanized steel and concrete bowls are molded for a very smooth surface.


Most of the construction is done at Tom Smithers Skate Parks when possible. The Highest standards are used to ensure that the product is strong, durable and will require minimal maintenance.





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